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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Zimzee!
This privacy policy is here to help you understand what information we collect, how we use it and what choices you have about it. We have tried our best to explain complicated concepts in a clear way.  
Although major changes are rare, this privacy policy may be amended as new Zimzee features, technologies, or legal requirements change. Please check our privacy policy regularly. If we make a significant change, we will notify you and seek your consent where required. 

What information is collected by Zimzee?

Basic user information: To open your account and process payments, we collect your email address and, if you purchase a subscription or other paid service, our payment processor will collect your billing address and payment information. We also may link your subscriber information with data we collect from our partners and other third parties to help understand your needs and provide you with a better experience.
Usage information: We collect and log internet or other electronic network information on how you access and use Zimzee. Such data may be collected through cookies and similar technologies. You can opt out of cookies and other data collection through your device settings.
Location information: Zimzee collects the IP address you use to connect to our Services.  If you choose to share it, we may also collect your location information.
Device information: We collect information about the devices you use to connect to Zimzee as well as the operating systems on those devices (for example, whether you use Windows, Android or iOS systems.  
We also collect the following types of information when you use our Services and we are providing you with the purpose for the collection of each type of information.



Your email address, user name and contact or notification preferences.

To create your Zimzee account.
To communicate with you.
To enable other users to collaborate with you.
Consistent with your notification preferences,  
to send you information about Zimzee features and services.
To verify your email address to help prevent spam, fraud, and abuse.

If you elect to share it, your name, image and other personal information.

For display in your profile, which may be visible and helpful to those with whom you collaborate or share content.

The general geographic area from which your computing devices are accessing Zimzee Services, your preferred language, and, if you choose to share it, your mobile device location information.

To more specifically localize your access to Zimzee Services by displaying information in your preferred language, showing you content or other information relevant to your location, and allowing you to filter results by location.
To assist us in complying with legal restrictions that may limit the permissible use of Zimzee Services.
To enhance your Content with location information.
To help you better discover relevant content.

Your device information.

To provide account support.
Along with purchase information, to help us comply with export laws.
To help us better develop Zimzee’s services and features.

Your telephone number, if you choose to provide it.

To help prevent spam, fraud, and abuse.
To enable two-step verification to provide an additional layer of security for your account.
To enable other users who are collaborating with you to communicate with you.
To show in your user profile, if you choose.

When and how you are using Zimzee.

To help improve Zimzee’s features, to help you administer the buckets you create and to remind you of Content that you have saved or shared.

How you arrived at Zimzee’s site.

To determine the amount of revenue share payments to make to partners with whom we might have such arrangements and to provide aggregated and/or anonymized revenue share reports.

Your payment information for your subscription.

Collected by our payment processor, Stripe, this information is used only to process your payment.

Employment-related information, if you choose to provide it.

To be displayed in your user profile, if you choose.

Information from cookies and similar technologies.

Please see our Cookie Policy.

How does Zimzee use the information it collects?

Provide, personalize and improve our Services.  We want you to have the best and most relevant experience out of using Zimzee.  We automatically analyze your data to run Zimzee features and to improve our Services in a manner that does not require looking at your Content.  including to process transactions with you. We use a number of technologies to help you.  If you need troubleshooting or customer support, we may need to access your information, such as your account email and information about your activities on Zimzee.  We may also use your information to improve our Services, such as debugging to repair errors that prevent our software from its intended function, conducting research for further developing our Services, and analyzing information to maintain the quality or safety of our Services. When we provide AI features, we will not use your Input or Output from an AI feature to train our AI models or tools unless you specifically give us consent to do so.
Protect against hostility, abuse and illegal activity. To protect you and the Zimzee community, we may randomly analyze the content you share or shared with you in order to detect spam, malware, or other potential security concerns. If we determine that such material violates our Terms of Service or other user guidelines, we may block delivery of or unshare the problematic material.
Communicate with you. We use your information to communicate with you when we send administrative messages, technical notices, or security alerts. If we become aware of a security breach, security system breach, we may attempt to notify you and provide information on protective steps, if available, through the email address, phone number, or other contact information that you have provided to us or by posting a notice on our website and/or via other communication platforms. Depending on where you live, you may have a right to receive such notices in writing.  We may also use your information to send you promotion information regarding new Zimzee features and services or to promote the services and products of our third-party partners and affiliates.
Comply with laws.  Zimzee uses information to satisfy laws, regulations and codes. We may also disclose information in response to legal process or government subpoenas, including law enforcement.

Will Zimzee disclose my information?

We will not sell or rent any personal information that may identify you.  We may disclose your information if you choose to share a bucket you created with other users or collaborators. In the event we participate in any merger, consolidation or other business combination, your information may be transferred in connection with that transaction. We may share your information with third party service providers or retailers but only if you direct us to do so at the time you purchase services or products from those third parties. 
Upon a service of a valid subpoena or immediately if law enforcement can show exigent circumstances, we may disclosure your information to law enforcement.  We will narrowly construe all such requests and provide the least amount of information consistent with law enforcement request.  We will notify you if we believe we are under an obligation to provide information to government entities or law enforcement.  Finally, in rare circumstances, we may share our information as needed to investigate or take action with respect to illegal activities, suspected fraud or potential threats against persons or property.

What happens to my information if I delete My Zimzee account?

If you cancel and delete your Zimzee account, all of your information, your buckets, and all of the content you uploaded will be deleted. Period.